Friday, April 30, 2010

So much craziness!!

So my PFT's went down again and I had another bronch done on April 20th and they sucked out some brown stuff! They didn't know what it was and I've been waiting to hear something. I'm so tired of going through this cycle. Wish my numbers would just stay up! Could it be b/c I can't cough stuff up or maybe food is backing up in my esophagus in getting into my lungs b/c I still have trouble getting food through the NIssen stomach wrap? I think they might have to go back in and loosen the wrap. Not looking forward to another surgery, UGH! I STILL have my pick line in from the IV's I did for 7 weeks but have been off for over a month but they decided to leave it in incase the junk in my lungs needs to be treated with some more IV's. Good news is still no rejection! I am eating a little bit more variety even though it hurts sometimes.
Today I found out about a CF and Lung Transplant friend, Samantha Peterson, passed away early this morning. She was VERY young! I'm so heartbroken! But it's good to learn of people who have recently gotten their new lungs and are doing great. Just wish everyone could do well and not have the pain with it!
I also learned yesterday that someone I trusted and thought that I knew and was like a grandfather to me and helped us out a lot, had an interest in me that was not grandfatherly and very disguisting. We had known this guy and his wife for about 3 years and met them at pulmonary rehab. I'm in such shock!
Today we had some neighbors 2 houses down that had cops and forensics all around their place. Seems like the story is that the guy who lives there, who is a cop, his younger son got ahold of his guns and was shooting them off. Someone driving buy that was a worker in the area thought they were shooting at them. When the father got hom his handguns were gone and he noticed gun residue.
I'm still not talking to or seeing my Mom b/c of problems she has to work out before I can trust her.
So much crap!!!!
The one good thing that has happened is we adopted an awesome black labador mix from an animal shelter. She's 8 months old and already house broken and knows sit. She's so loving and playful. I have so much fun with her especially in the backyard where she can run. She makes me laugh and smile everyday. She's doing pretty good with my 8 year old cocker spaniel but she's not really into playing with the new puppy too much. I'm so glad I got her b/c otherwise I would be freaking out WAY more. I needed something like this in my life to cheer me up and the timing worked out perfect. Don't know if the doctors will like it but my mental health is important too. One thing my life certainly isn't, is boring!