Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bronch / TX appointment Oct. 13th

Had my bronch/lung biopsy done. PFT's very slight drop and there is an infection in my lungs :( Doctor said he got some junk out of my lungs. Got a chest x-ray afterwards and I guess after he looked at that, the infection didn't look as bad as he thought so luckily he only put me on an oral antibiotic for now! I have to wait for results on if there is any rejection and what kind of bug is infecting my lungs. Sure hope it's nothing bad and we'll be able to get rid of it quickly and easily!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

2 months post transplant!!!

So on the 8th was my 2 month anniversary of my new lungs! My lungs are functioning around 70% which should increase over time. The doctors seemed pretty happy about it. They had to adjust one of my immuno-suppressant meds and my morning insulin b/c I was bottoming out too low. My weight is up to 97. So I still have some ways to go but on a good path so far. Before transplant, I was down to around 93 pounds and my lung function was in the 20's! Oh my oxygen saturation has been around 99 and even up to 100!!! Before TX, it was around 94 or less when I was even sicker.
On Friday I saw the GI surgeon who did my Nissen Fundoplication surgery. Didn't tell me much new but did take the annoying dressing out of my bellybutton! Yeay! Now I get to look at how gross it is, hehe. It hasn't even been quite 3 weeks yet so it should look a lot better over time. I'll share some lovely pics with ya, hehe.
Tuesday I will have a bronch / lung biopsy to check for any rejection or infection and clean out anything sitting around down there. I know something is in there but haven't been able to get it out so hopefully the doctor will get it out then. I'll try to update soon after my appointment. Thanks again to all those who have been so supportive!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tanya's Lung Transplant 19: 10/2/09

Last Day in the hospital

The nurse said they have patients who "barely fit" into this gargantuan wheelchair...
It's a good thing the McDonald's inside the hospital has wheelchair access.

No, I'm not that white! I have to wear these "TED" hose for 3 months post TX to keep from getting a blood clot. They are super tight and uncomfortable!
Back home finally!

Checking my daily medical log to make sure I get everything done.
B/P, temp, weight, breathing test numbers, 0xygen/heart rate stats, blood sugar check and insulin, and lots of pills

Leia missed her mommy

Box of meds is more filling than this soup!

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