Friday, April 29, 2011

Another sugery!!!

Aaaaahhhhh! When will this end!? At least it's been a while but I've had enough surgeries for a lifetime! And this surgery is to repair a surgery I already had!! Stupid Stomach (Nissen Fundoplication) wrap is still too tight and they don't think dilating it again will do any help. They sent me to another stomach doctor to see if he would do the dilation sooner than usual doctor b/c I was gonna have a long wait. This new doctor said He would NOT do a dilation b/c it's already been done 3 times and didn't believe it would help. He said it needs to do fixed surgically. He also said that I need to stop eating and only be on liquids!!! Noooooooooo, not that again!!!!!! I didn't listen to him until my lung doc said I should do that too. Well, I'm not gonna freaken starve myself! I'll cut back on some stuff and eat more super soft things. I was told he's not as concerned if I loose weight that it's more important that nothing gets stuck in my lungs. Surgery isn't scheduled yet. My lung docs still have to talk to the stomach surgeon first. I think they'll go in through the old incision in my belly button and take out the stitches keeping the wrap together and restitch it a little looser. It was pretty painful the first time but I was only about 1 month post transplant. Guess we'll see how this one goes. I am NOT looking forward to all the pain! I'm so tired of the pain! I just hope this will resolve my swallowing issue, reflux, and at least some of the continuos pain I have! I go to see the Transplant Lung doctors Wed. morning. They should have talked to the GI surgeon by then. I hope I can get this done and recover before I fly to Ohio late June!