Friday, July 22, 2011

Eating again!

After almost 2 years of not getting to eat "real food" like pizza, cheese burgers, meat, pretty much anything that isn't soft, I am able to get it down with little to no pain swallowing!!! However, I seem to have sever pain about 45 min. after I eat and last for about 45 min. too! Istarted taking laxatives, anti-gas, nausea meds, pain pills, etc... that seem to help some. Then when I drop my pain patch level, things seemed much better and I didn't have to take all that stuff. It laster a little over a week until tonight I got the abdomen pain again. Not as bad but still hurts a lot. Maybe I ate too much due to my decrease in stomach space from the surgery? Who knows. Anyway, I do think the pain meds had a lot to do with it now. When I get completely off in hopefully 2 or 3 weeks, I think my stomach will function and feel better. I'm sure it will be better for my kidneys too! (which btw, I was told the numbers for my kidney function was BAD so I've had to make myself drink more water.) I am loving eating right now! Oh how I've missed so much food! No longer stuck on soup, jello, pudding, and icecream all the time! My scar is healed but still pretty pink and ugly!! I feel like the bride of Frankenstein, haha.