Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good and Bad news

Yesterday I went to my lung transplant doctors. We were at the hospital for 11 hours!!! Some of that was due to bad coordination and the nurse screwing up. I had a CT Scan done for the abscess and they made me drink the contrast which was nasty of course. I've never drank it for a CT, usually they do that IV but I guess since I was already doing so much IV, they didn't want it done that way. Well, by me drinnking all that, I had to wait almost 2 more hours to get the bronch b/c I'm not supposed to have anything in my belly when they do that so there's no chance of throwing up and it going into your lungs. The good news is that the Abscess has shrunk!!!!!!! I had a feeling it had b/c it hadn't been hurting me as bad the last few days. So it seems like the IV antibiotics are working!! Doctor said I'll be on them at least another 2 weeks, which I expected anyway.
Bad news is that I have an infection and the fungus, Thrush, in my lungs. So I did an IV of an antifungal while I was there and I have to make sure the swish and swallow my medication called Nystatin 4 times a day......most importantly after I eat. Blah! We are waiting for sensitivity testing to find out what can be used to treat the infection. Hopefully it's gonna be what I'm on. Sucks that it seems I can never be without infection. I hope one day I can be infection free b/c I can't keep doing IV's my whole life.
Well, Monday was my 6 month transplant anniversary! That means I get to stop taking my anti-viral pill every day. That's gonna be nice, unless I catch a virus. I have to say once again that I am so happy that I'm not stuck in the hospital doing all this! Hopefully I'll be better by the time my cousin comes down from Ohio and visits and later on my friends and Aunt. I wanna get out and have some fun! So I guess I'm also hoping for it to warm up a little too.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bad News!........The Abscess is back!

The abscess I had in Dec. that led to another thoracotomy and lots of pain, is BACK! They are hoping a long run of IV's might work this time since it was opened up a month ago, otherwise, might be another surgery! Man, this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back to having severe pain swallowing so that cuts back on what foods I can eat even more than it was! At least they are letting me do the 2 IV meds at home for now (Colistin and Zosyn). I'm having a bronch on Tuesday and a week later they want me to come in for re-evaluation of this horrible abscess! I can't believe this sucker came back! Might have been that I was taken of IV meds too soon. I was on them for 2 weeks before the surgery and 2 weeks after. I've heard that most abscesses usually are treated with 6 weeks of IV's. Who knows though really if even that would have done the trick. It was nice to have a break from the meds b/c they were kicking my butt with crappy side effects but not good if going off them led to this monster's return. I just hope and wish with every inch of my body that I won't have to go through what I went through before. I don't even know if I can handle that!? What if I went through all that again only to end up with it coming back again! I'm glad that at least I started on some Lexipro for depression and anxiety. I'd be even a bigger mess without that! Being at home helps too. Still, I feel cursed. Life is sooo unfair!