Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stretched AGAIN

Well, they did the EGD with dilation. Which means these stretched my esophagus b/c it's too small where it goes into your stomach b/c of the surgery they did to prevent aspirating into my lungs. It's not common to have to stretch it and certainly not 3 times! I asked the doc if he knew why it shrunk again after being ok for 3 months and he has no idea, great. I think it's still a little irritated right now b/c I can feel it all the time. Like something is always stuck in there. It seems to be a little better but I might need to go in again and have it stretched more. Man, I sure hope it works this time and stays otherwise they might have to go in and fix it surgically and that would be way more painful! Guess we'll see how I feel in a month from now and what they say if I still have problems. Why can't my body be more cooperative?!