Friday, November 11, 2011

Things are finally going better!

It's been a slow process but my stomach is acting better. Way less pain! Still get nauseated here and there mostly due to the meds, blah. Lung function is in the high 80's and blood work is ok. Had a scare with my kidneys but they are better now. Still need to gain weight! I'm at 103 which is a little improvement. Really need to check and control my blood sugar levels better. I just hate it! So if nothing goes wrong, I won't be back to clinic for another 3 months! Still dealing with my ongoing transplant pain/stomach surgery pain across my lower ribcage. I'm getting back a little more energy but still slacking.
Looking forward to seeing my Dad for Christmas and hopefully be able to take a train down to spend Thanksgiving with my Uncles and new Aunt.