Thursday, May 12, 2011

Update for May - Fixing the wrap

Well, after 3 dilations the docs have agreed that I need surgery to repair the Nissen Stomach wrap. I go in for Pre-op on Friday the 13th, haha. My surgery is scheduled for Thur. the 19th. We are using a different GI surgeon this time b/c my doctor doesn't have much faith in the one that did it. This surgeon seems much nicer and doesn't have the crappy holier than thou attitude. Unfortunetly I'll be getting cut in 5 places. Normally they are small incisions but he said they might have to be bigger if there ends up being a lot of scar tissue. The first surgery I had the doc only did one small incision through my bellybutton but I find out that it hasn't even been researched or normally done. I guess I was just one of their guinea pigs. Thanks again docs :( Of course they gave me a long list of risks. The normal stuff you hear including death but some other ones that I really didn't want to hear was that there's a chance they might not be able to fix it, they could screw up the nerves being that they are harder to find after the wrap is done, may not get any relief, could damage the stomach, etc... Oh I really didn't want to hear that. PLEASE let this surgery go right and I get some good relief. If it doesn't, I'm gonna totally loose my mind! I just can't handle much more! I still can't believe all of this has happened to me! Why couldn't things have gone better so I can enjoy my new lungs without all the pain! I don't understand why so many of the good people suffer and the bad ones seem to get by so easily! Life really is so unfair! :(

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  1. I feel your pain Tanya and hope everything works out well for you!