Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bronch and Barium Swallow

SO we were at the hospital by 6am today. Got my bronch done and they had me do a breathing test (PFT) and it was down 5% from a week ago! Not happy about that. Maybe it had something to do with doing it in the bronch chair rather than a regular one. I HOPE! There was white junk in my lungs which was probably fro the sinus drainage I had before my sinus surgery. It will take some tie before any cultures come back on it.
After that they had me do the Barium Swallow test again since I had been complaining about my swallowing again. Turns out for some reason, the area that had been loosened in my esophagus, shrunk back and the barium was having a hard time getting down into my stomach. That means I have to get another EGD with dilation. Ugh! Don't understand why it would go back to where it was after it was ok for the last few months. My body is always a mystery. I always end up with problems the docs haven't seen before. I am a learning experience to them. I should be getting paid! Haha

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  1. That sucks that your PFT's are down. Have you had them checked since? Did you get your cultures back? Here's hoping there are no infections or rejection!