Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sinus surgery

Surgery went pretty well. Still I was told there was a lot of bleeding. Doctor said that bleed really easy everywhere in my sinuses. However, it did not bleed as long or bad as the last time. A few days and it was done. They did have to stuff 6 packings up in my nose/sinus area to soak up the blood and help it clot. Felt like my brain was being pulled out when they pulled those out! Can't believe they could fit all that up there! Went home after a few hours of recovery.
Went in earlier this week for my post-op visit and he took a look and said things look much better. Still wants me to continue the sinus rinse and try to get in some sinus nebulized antibiotic treatments, which I hate b/c it takes like 30 minutes!
Tomorrow, Friday, I am going in for a breathing test (PFT) for research study and also b/c one of my coordinators said that the doc wants to see what my numbers are before doing on bronch next week. This frustrates me b/c we had already decided I needed a clean out 2 times the last month but decided to wait till after my sinus surgery. Not happy that I have to wake up early and drive all the way to Tampa for something I don't feel is needed. Wonder if the doctor forgot about our talk last time. I was upset to also hear from my ENT that my lung doctor had never even said anything to my ENT about how bad my sinuses had gotten before the surgery especially since he sees the guy a lot. I think they are getting overwhelmed there and heard they are looking for another doc to bring on board.
On a sad note, another lung transplant friend ( not CF) is in ICU. He's older so sometimes they get other complications b/c their bodies aren't as strong as us young CF peeps. He was having trouble and they thought it could be rejection at first and wasn't, tested and there was no infection. There were a bunch of cells, white stuff, in his lungs and that's why they thought rejection. I think he started feeling better but then the PICC line they put in his arm ended up giving him blood clots. Now he has one in his lung and leg I believe. They have him on blood thinners and placed a filter in his blood stream. I visited him after my post-op visit and he seemed to be hanging in there but of course wasn't happy to be in ICU which I can totally related to. He'd been there 2 weeks already and they said probably one more week for the clots to clear. He's on a lot of oxygen b/c the clot in his lung is making it hard to function and breathe. Unfortunetly, I heard today that he had gotten worse and they decided to put him on the VENT and keep him under sedation. Ugh! I feel his pain and fear! It really messes with you when you are on the vent and wake up days later wondering what's going on. He's such a nice guy and so is his wife. Breaks me up to see them or anyone in this kind of situation.

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