Monday, January 17, 2011

More tests

Well, I saw my lung doctor and did my breathing test. Good news is that my numbers are good! 90% and 85% for 2 of the measurements. The smaller airways are always lower and some other number that I'm not sure what it's for. Weight is down a little. Sinuses doing good. Problem now is my chest pain has been worse the last few weeks and having a hard time AGAIN with getting food down easily. Getting that feeling that it's having a hard time getting through my throat into my belly. Finally the doctor agreed that it's time to figure out why I'm still having this pain. Plan is to get another barium swallow test, Bronchoscopy, CT of my chest and throat where the abscess was to see if there's anything there..maybe scar tissue or something. He's got me a bit worried b/c there is a possibility they might have to cut me open. I told him that if they have to open me back up on my transplant incisions and put in chest tubes, to go ahead and take my lungs out and give them to someone else b/c I can't handle that again...I give up! He started poking me in the belly saying loudy "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT". Then as he was leaving he said they probably won't have to do that. But just that there is a possibility freaks me out! Oh, also he said that he thinks it probably my stomach that's giving me the pain b/c the stomach is at the bottom of your ribcage. Feels like my lungs but since my breathign is so good, he thinks it's not them. Hopefully we will find out without too many tests and I REALLY hope it won't require another thoracotomy or anything too painful. I've been in pain for a year and half .....I've had enough!

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